Unitein Toothpaste

Unitein Toothpaste

Repair gingival cells, fight against tooth decay, strengthen gums, remove tartar, prevent bad breath, treat gum disease and tooth decay. Restores gums by promoting healing at the gum line with a unique Unitein formula for clinically proven healthier gums. Advanced Unitein formula restores gums by promoting gum healing while fighting gingivitis.

“After 20 years of gum problems, I have finally found the answer to much improved gum health. I’ve been using for 2 months now, and am astounded that my bleeding gums are healed, my constant sore mouth feels normal again. Your toothpaste has been a huge blessing. Thank you!” ~ Barbara W.

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Unitein Red Ginseng Pills

The Globules contain red ginseng (processed with nine times of steam and sun-dry), soybean, and dried tangerine peel, processed with fermentation and heat. Provide soothing effect to refractory illness. This product carries three patents. Excellent in DNA repair, anti-aging, detoxification, boosting immunity, physical strength, dissolving fat and weight control.

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